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Zoya watched a fish in the water. A flicking striped tail signaled her pounce, and she leaped into the water grasping it in her jaws. With a happy grunt she dragged it out. Dropping the limp thing on the ground. "I'm lucky no one lives here, or someone would be pretty ma-" She stopped. A feline's figure was watching her. "This is my fish! I caught it!" She snarled. Her fur prickling. "I don't want your fish, I only wish to watch this beautiful tiger like you hunt." Zoya stepped back. Surprised at this tiger's charm. "Who are you?" She asked, lifting up a paw wanting to step forward. Only to step back as the figure ran away, only leaving behind his paw prints. "That... was strange." Zoya said cocking her head to return to the fish. Starting to eat she had the uneasy feeling the male was still watching her, some how.

Zoya yawned, walking to where she had made a small den under two rocks. Stopping she snarled. The same tiger was leaning against the rocks with a smirk. "I knew you would come here." He smiled. Sitting down to lick a paw.  "You again!?" She snarled fur bristling. "What? Don't like a visitor?" He asked. Enjoying this argument. "How did you even find me?" Zoya sighed. Sitting down. "Er... I was following you." He smiled embarrassingly.
"My name's Diablo" He grinned, small hints of blood on his teeth. "There's blood on you teeth!" Zoya gasped. "Oh, I ate earlier." Diablo said. Licking his paw and touching a small scar on his cheek. "My name is Zoya by the way." She sighed. "Now, don't you have your own place to live at?" She frowned. "Um, no. I travel a lot, kicked out of some places." He laughed, for a minute Zoya's eyes widened as she thought his eyes turned red, before returning to blue. She wouldn't say anything. It was probably just a flash of the light. She hoped. "May I stay here? I won't be trouble." Zoya sighed. Flicking her tail in agreement. Diablo smiled. Walking into the cave. "Ohhh, no you don't!" Zoya leaped in front of him. Tilting her head towards where a rock jutted out of the rocks. "You, sleep there." She smirked. Diablo muttered something about females... and curled up under the rocks. "There's something weird about him..." Zoya said under her breath. She walked into the cave, and laid down. Looking at the roof as she slowly fell asleep.

Diablo woke up startled. Howling and the sound of running paws were heard trampling through the forest. He shot up, walking into the cave calmly. Although his eyes could show he wasn't calm at all. "Heeey... uh.... Zoya, we have to go. Now." He growled the last part. Zoya yawned. Stretching out herself.  "What is it? A little bunny wabbit scare you?" She smirked. "No, them." He motioned his tail towards the forest. Where the sounds of canines could be heard clearly now, along with the wolf scent seeping into there noses. "Why are they here!?" It was answered not by Diablo, but a wolf as it walked into the clearing. Looking into the cave. "Why, young tiger. Your friend here... killed our alpha female, and my mate last night. We've been tracking him for a very long time. And we want his blood." Five other wolves came into the clearing snarling. "You did what!?" Zoya roared at him.

"Hey, hey, hey! It was a mistake!" Diablo said to her as they raced through the forest. The wolves growling and barking heard behind them. "Really? Why would you want to kill a wolf pack's alpha? Oh, is it like something just took over your mind?" Zoya growled back at him. Diablo's face darkened and he turned away. "River! Stop!" Zoya grabbed Diablo's tail. A wide river was in a gorge, rushing wildly water sprayed at there faces. Diablo looked back. And leaped across. "Well, come on!" Zoya sighed. And leaped. If I drown... that's a stupid way to die. She thought. Her paws scrabbled on the edge as the wolves came to a halt. "We'll get you! Demon one!" Howled one of them. But they kept running. "Demon one?" Diablo didn't answer Zoya's question. They would just keep going. Until they found somewhere new to stay at.
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My name is Helen, I would like to say my age, but I shouldn't. I do however like to do Linearts, I have been getting pretty good. I also like taking photos of random things in nature, even a squashed can. *WIP*


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